Fire pit ideas

Whether it is a simple pit or a fancy brick, metal or stone complex fire pit design, the fire pit is used to keep a fire burning and under control, so that it can be used for warmth, cooking, protection, light, signaling or simply for a cozy comforting feeling.
Since ancient times, more than 700,000 years ago, when man first discovered fire, and later on the invention of the fire pit 200,000-400,000 years ago, it became a key factor for the survival and the evolution of the human race. Through the years, the fire pit has been used for various reasons.

Ever since it was “discovered”, people have been striving to improve and master the control and use of fire through experimenting and developing new fire pit ideas.

Archaeological evidence of what is considered the earliest fire pit found in a South African cave show that it was made with stones and had a hearth from built-up ashes.

Other archaeological findings have found diverse types of ancient fire pit ideas, such as the Peruvian in-ground pits and the Native American above-ground ones surrounded with circles of stones.

The variety of fire pits among different cultures is amazing. Even though in the modern contemporary  world, rarely is the fire pit an essential necessity for survival, there are still numerous cultures where it is the central factor for survival, such as with nomads, certain tribes and others.

There are different modern fire pit ideas which you should consider before picking the best one for your backyard, camping needs or even for your porch and patio.
The most important factor is to ensure that the fire pit makes it possible to make a safe and controlled fire, in order to stop the fire from unwanted spreading, and also the possibly harmful smoke to cause health problems and hazards to those nearby.

Today, there are relatively easy ways to make your own fire pit and even better purchase a readymade fire pit kit from a hardware store or order online from Amazon for example.

The pre made fire pit kits available are usually made from metal or stone and use gas or wood for burning. The benefit of getting a fire pit kit is that it is usually portable and can easily be transported and used when camping, tailgating or anywhere outdoors.

The other type of fire pit you can order or purchase is the so-called assembled fire pit, which is usually static, immobile and heavy.  It can be made from stone, bricks, concrete and other materials, and in certain cases have a relatively complicated internal piping system.

If you are up to it, there are ways to make your own fire pit just like our ancestors used to, or by using some of the brilliant fire pit ideas available.

A popular such self-made fire pit is the Dakota smokeless one. It is the specialty of experienced scouts, soldiers and campers, as well as certain African tribes, and provides a nice fire without smoke.  It is made by digging two holes, one for the wood and the other acting as a “shaft” providing air flow.  The Dakota smokeless fire pit provides enough heat, discreet flames and minimum smoke.

Whatever type of the fire pit ideas available you choose, whether it is a large camp fire around which all the singing and laughing usually go on, or one of the modern and state-of-the-art outdoor fire pit designs, the fire pit is possibly one of the most significant inventions in human history.  Used by our ancestors to survive by providing heat, light, protection from dangerous creatures and a way to cook food, and later on leading to the discovery of ways to smelt metal, the fire pit has saved mankind and has defined what we are today as a civilization. Today, it is a place around we can enjoy some fun time with our family and friends. So, among the wide variety of fire pit ideas available, surely there is one for every need and taste.