The Best Fire Pit Ideas


The gel fueled, table top Apollo-K fire pit kit is one of the fewer fire pit ideas suitable both for outdoors and for inside as well. The great design of this fire pit kit and the Venturi flame technology it uses creates an astounding spinning effect. The Outdoor GreatRoom Company has combined a proprietary turbo disk and a glass cylinder which makes the Apollo-K fire pit of one of the most unique fire pit designs around.
This fire pit kit uses U/I approved Venturi gel for outdoor burning, and uses up a 13 ounce can for about 80 minutes of burning. Its size of 10x10x16.5 inches and its weight of 10 pounds makes it portable and suitable for placing the fire pit kit on a table or another surface in your backyard or patio, or on your living room table, for that matter. The black round base and the patented Venturi flame technology makes this one of the most distinctive fire pit ideas, which you can purchase from
The price may be a little on the higher end for a relatively small fire pit kit, but it is easy  to install and safe for use, which combined with having one of the most impressive fire pit designs around, makes the Apollo-K fire pit kit an excellent choice when looking at new fire pit ideas.
In fact, the two brothers Dan and Ron Shimek who established the Outdoor GreatRoom Company back in 1975 along with their siblings have been inspired to offer indoor fire pit ideas for decades, which has led to the invention of a number of unique fire pit ideas for indoors and for outdoors as well. They have patented over 50 of these inventions, the Venturi Flame Technology being one of them.
The Company is working on making the outdoors look and feel more like the indoors with all the comfort and beautiful designs usually available only for interior spaces. The Apollo-K fire pit kit is one of these unique fire pit designs which can do just that.
With the safety certified gel fueling the fire pit kit, you may choose to enjoy a beautiful fire in your living room, and take it outside with you when you prefer to spend some time outdoors.
This multipurpose design makes the Apollo-K fire pit kit one of the smartest fire pit ideas available, so don’t fret and order one for your home or for a present for someone you really care about.

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