Outdoor Fire Pit Designs and Its Considerations

Fire Pit Designs for Outdoor

Outdoor fire pit designs is a simple and affordable way to organize the evening campfire in complete safety, as the evening around the campfire – leisure as attractive as there are popular. However, the open fire is answered by a serious hazard if mistreated. A fire can only be prepared on site and subject to certain safety regulations.

Once a place for the holiday focus is determined, should prepare the site: scavenge, roots, aligns the surface of the site and mark the place for the most focus. Typically, the hearth makes a circular shape with a diameter of about one meter. With the intended site must remove a layer of turf. This is necessary in order to later the whole area could lay paving tiles or stone. In the center of the site marked the place of the focus position. To make a campfire, you can use an iron rim. In the place where you plan to install a metal rim, remove a small layer of soil, line the bottom of the resulting recesses and install the rim.

Outdoor Fire Pit Designs Brick

Outdoor fire pit ideas designs is that if the construction will have a very thin wall, it cannot provide the required strength during operation. Therefore, the entire area along the outer wall of spread concrete blocks or stones in several rows. Just for this approach paving tiles or granite cobblestones. To make better use of special masonry mortar. For laying natural stone is the most suitable clay solution.

Outdoor patio designs with fire pit made of different materials (cast iron, metal, ceramic, stone), in various designs and different price categories. It can simply be installed on a suitable, preferably paved area and enjoy the fire in the pleasure. Such a center can be equipped with a lid and grill for cooking various dishes with fire, and ash and embers can be easily cleaned through a sliding tray.

However, no less popular stationary bonfire in the garden. First, you need to choose a resembling place at the site, which should be located away from the crowns of the trees (at least 5 meters) from the house and other buildings and 2 meters from any flammable objects.

Outdoor Fire Pit Designs Outdoor Decor

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