The Best Fire Pit Ideas

Outsunny 32" Square Outdoor Backyard Patio Firepit Table

The Outsunny 32” square patio fire pit table is one of the fire pit ideas, which you just can’t pass by without being impressed.  The Outsunny square fire pit is ideal for your backyard, a patio or any outside space.  This is one of the most impressive backyard patio fire pit tables, which unlike the multitude of the other outdoor fire pit ideas has a square shape.

The Outsunny fire pit kit includes a black frame and a fire bowl made of black meatl and a border made of classy and somewhat rustic looking ceramic tiles. The tiled border of this great example of readily available fire pit ideas which you can purchase straight out of Amazon is not only stylish, but is also very comfortable for holding your glass, a cup of coffee, a dish, bowl or almost anything.
The eminence of the Outsunny outdoor fire pits is amazing. They are not only durable fire pit tables, but will also make your favorite outdoor space look very stylish and special.
Also, they present a safe and pretty way to enjoy your own fire. Even a better addition to this extraordinary fire pit table is that it has an optional tile and an insert, which you can place over the fire bowl when you are not using it.  This way, it turns into a perfect table for the outside. Otherwise there is a convenient storage are below the fire pit kit to store both the optional insert and the extra tile when you want to light up a fire.
The fire pit kit package includes a protective spark screen for the fire bowl, plus a poker for maintaining the fire. Apart from having one of the classiest fire pit designs, the outsunny fire pit kit is also useful.  The package also includes a cooking grate, so you can cook a meal while sitting around the fire table.
The outsunny fire pit table has a width of 31.9” x 31.9” at a height of 16.9” and weighs 49lbs. The tiled edges are 5.5 inches, which is sufficient space to fit almost anything.
What is great about the outsunny fire pit table is that it is a prime example of those beautiful and at the same time practical outdoor fire pit ideas which you can purchase and very easily assemble by yourself.
So, in conclusion we can say that the square fire pit table is one of the fire pit ideas we like because its price is good too for the quality and the aesthetics it offers.

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