DIY Outdoor Fire Pit for Your Family

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

The building of the DIY outdoor fire pit is always amazing and allows you to make it the favorite place of your family and friends. So let’s explore all the stages of this process. Stage 1 is preparation. At this moment, you need to inspect the area for strategic pipelines and cables. After you solved this problem, move to digging, drainage and forming the bottom of the future pit with stones.

If your DIY outdoor fire pit table will base in the wooded area, soak the area around the pit with water. Also, build the concrete walls which will avoid the expansion of fire in case of necessity. While you dig a hole, use a level and a hammered stake to control the hole size. It must be bigger and deeper than the real size. Mark the inner and outer pit borders with wooden circles of desired height.

DIY Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

After you finished the digging, form the bottom with stones. Don’t forget to provide drainage to move out the water. In the case of necessity prepare the place for the gas or propane burner.

The most important step is building walls. Always leave some space for air circulation. They must be not very high. It’s better to use the strongest types of the cement mix. Their advantage is quicker adhesion and better result.

After the walls of your DIY outdoor fire pit grill is finished, install the steel ring where you will to prepare the food. The project is terminated. The full DIY fire pit process costs about $500. The contemporary materials allow you to reduce the time of work to almost two days, so you can to held opening ceremony right after completion.

Outdoor Fire Pit DIY

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DIY Outdoor Fire Pit DesignsDIY Outdoor Fire Pit PropaneOutdoor Fire Pit DIY

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