Beach Fire Pit – is it That Good?

Moonlight Beach Fire Pits
What Beaches Have Fire PitsHuntington Beach Fire PitsSouthern California Beaches with Fire PitsMoonlight Beach Fire Pits

Beach fire pit- perhaps it can not be compared with anything. That is why about such spending time is need to know all people, even those who do not live close to the sea, because everyone needs a good rest, especially after the hard work and endless bustle of big cities. In the autumn so nice to dream about how to turn on a beautiful deserted beach, where the feet are tickled with the clear […]

Simply Fire Pit Plans for You

Gazebo with Fire Pit Plans
Fire Pit Plans FreeSquare Fire Pit PlansFire Pit Plans DIYPellet Fire Pit Plans

Fire pit plans will help you easily and quickly decide how exactly you can make a fireplace in your house. This place will bring the whole family and friends together, make your country site warm and friendly, or simply become a relaxation area to relieve stress after a hard day. Besides, let’s be honest, a fireplace creates an atmosphere of a good old hike, only ennobled with the fire, and who is not fond of […]

Swing Fire Pit Optimal Solution

Swing with Fire Pit
Wooden Swing Fire PitFire Pit Surrounded by SwingsSwing Fire Pit PlansPergola with Swings and Fire Pit

Swing fire pitcombine two favorite things: the ability to swing and relax with friends by the fire, especially in cool evenings. But, before you start this project, it is necessary to have at least some experience in the construction, as well as be able to use different tools. The hardest part of this project is to make a decision to build fire pits with swingsand to find a flat open area for the construction. At […]

Nice Time Outdoor with Barrel Fire Pit

DIY Wine Barrel Fire Pit
Dryer Barrel Fire PitWooden Barrel Fire PitWine Barrel Fire Pit55 Gallon Barrel Fire Pit

As long as many people like to have a nice time outdoor with barbecues, campfires and grills, there are a lot of variations for any taste and request, and the most unusual is a barrel fire pit. It is possible to buy such a stylish thing, but you can easily do it yourself. The device doesn’t demand much time or costs. Everything you need is a cask of any size, a drill and some other […]

More Comfort with Modern Fire Pit

DIY Modern Fire Pit
Modern Fire Pit BowlModern Fire Pit IdeasFire Pit Modern DesignModern Gas Fire Pit

Once you got started building a modern fire pit make sure you are authorized to do that. After all permissions and preparations, you need to place it competently, considering all the nature’s features. The decoration process requires using appropriate materials matching with around textures. As long as you have picked the most suitable place for building, a modern outdoor fire pit thoroughly study all the features of the place for building. There are few conditions […]

Cool Fire Pits is Really a Perfect Option

Cool Looking Fire Pits
Cool Fire Pits IdeasCool Outdoor Fire Pit IdeasCool Fire Pit AccessoriesCool Fire Pit Chairs

Cool fire pitsin simple terms is a civilized fireplace. A primitive man has invented the first oven-grill. It was a fire in the midst of the stones, where people were preparing the meat of wild animals. During the development of humanity this primitive mantelpiece changed its shape. The end of the result is a whole complex, at a value commensurate with the cost of apartments. Cool outdoor fire pits can be divided into: Portable (Portable […]

Types of BBQ Prep Table

BBQ Prep Table Plans
Outdoor BBQ Prep TableBBQ Competition Prep TableBBQ Food Prep TableBBQ Prep Table Plans

Bbq prep table can be of two types: inbuilt in the brick barbeque and a separate one. To make a diy bbq prep table you should follow some steps. You should order a wooden or stone tabletop according to the size of the brickwork. There should be a waterproof silicone joint filling material between the brick walls and the end of the worktop. If you want you can build-in a metal washer here. You can […]

Handmade Brick BBQ Grill

Grills for BBQ Brick
Brick BBQ Grill KitsStainless Steel Grills for Brick BBQHomemade Brick BBQ GrillsBrick BBQ Grills Designs

The main advantage of brick bbq grill is durability. It is usually built once for life. The shape and design depends on the tastes of the owners. They are mostly made of calculon, metal and stone. The source of heat can be coal, gas or electricity. Building a brick bbq grill is possible and quite easy, but you will need a preliminary preparation. It will be good to place it not far from the table […]

Variants of BBQ Party Invitations

Invitations for BBQ Party
Invitation to BBQ PartyI Do BBQ Engagement Party InvitationsBBQ Party Invitation CardPool Party BBQ Invitations

Today it is impossible to imagine a good party without bbq party invitations. You can organize barbeque because of different reasons: birthday, prom, anniversary, housewarming and others. Anyway, the invitation cards for all these events look almost the same. The simplest variant is to use ready-made template. There are many bbq party invitation templates free on the Internet. You should only download them on the computer and then print on the color printer. But if […]

Useful BBQ Side Table

Outdoor BBQ Side Table
BBQ Side Table with StorageHexagon Six Sided BBQ Picnic TableSide Table for BBQ GrillBBQ Side Table Plans

Bbq side table is a very useful piece of furniture, because it increases the working surface during the cooking a barbeque. It can be used also as a dining-table. Modern technologies allow producing them of different materials. It can be made of reinforced weatherproof concrete and marble chips.  This stone is unique because of its physical characteristics. It’s nice, firm, durable and wearproof. Since the Middle Ages it was believed that quartzite was a stone […]

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