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Building Sunken Fire Pit

Sunken fire pit beautifully decorate area in your garth. What could be better than a quiet summer evening atmosphere in a comfortable chair and enjoy the crackling of firewood in a fire or smell the upcoming barbecue.
Sunken patio fire pit in a country house can be made of virtually all materials. In the course are the remains of materials that remain after repair or construction: bricks, stones, metal elements, unwanted items. In each case, guided by the style of the house, its exterior can be seen to complement the focus of the house composition.
Diy sunken fire pit:

  • For the hearth- dug a yawner no less than 30 cm. Digging should be in such way that the bottom walls are located like a funnel type. Laying of bricks will be vertical; edge of each block will look at the fire. The basis of the finished hearth needs to be fill medium / coarse gravel. The layer is supposed to be 10 centimeters, not less. When the masonry is ready, irregularities between the bricks should be plastered with clay;
  • It is needful to select a secure place where there were no trees, premises, sheds to close. Then you should to contour the place for the hearth. This can be done right from iron rim that is later set in the deepening. The diameter of the space is 100 cm in average. When the circle is scheduled, you must elect the greensward and ground to a depth of 10 – 15 cm, mini pit would be leveled and compacted. It is needful also to impose square around the rim. To do this, fit the blocks of concrete, brick, tile, stone;
  • ┬áSomeone lays a hearth on the boards in a deck. If you fit this method, do the “deck” in advance. After the measurements, cut the sheets, turn off and fastening of screws. The resulting “pipe” can simply be dug into the ground, mounted on board, flat steel sheet.

Build a sunken fire pit-for everything it is enough to have the remains of stone or brick, steel sheet and gravel. Simple shovel dug a hole, depth of 40 cm, with a diameter of about 1m. At the bottom put gravel or sand. Here is your hearth.

Sunken Patio Fire Pit

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