Brick BBQ Smoker Outstanding Ideas

Build a Brick BBQ Smoker

Today it is difficult to imagine a summer cottage or a country house without a brick bbq smoker. And if you have a desire and some free time you can build it yourself. There are several types of barbecues, the simplest of which is the construction, which consists of two floors, where the bottom is a place for firewood, and the top is a fireplace with the pipe. It consists of such parts as: a charcoal grill, a smoke house, an assist module, a plate and a table.

There are some brick bbq smoker plans. First of all you should prepare a square-faced shovel, round-pointed shovel, hammer, capacity for concrete, boards, wire, sand, reinforcement bar, tube, water, bricklayer’s float and concrete solution.

Build a Brick BBQ Smoker

You need to start building a smokehouse with the pour of the foundation. It is necessary to build a brick smoker bbq pit. You should wait at least two weeks till the foundation will be ready.

Then you can start laying the first row of bricks without the fastening mixture. To make a binding mixture you should take sand, cement and hydrated lime in the ratio of 3 to 1 to 1.  Building a brazier means installation of metal corners between the walls. The firebox is made of thick-walled metal and there are special holes for air in it. The first 8 rows from the bottom are left to store firewood and other supplies. If you want to have a smokehouse with arched ceilings, the ninth row should be rendered suitable for plywood forms (1 cm thick). The tenth row will be intended to overlap the niche for household supplies. The 12th row forms a tabletop, which can be made of different materials, such as wood, stone, sheet steel. It is mounted with the help of a drill, nuts and bolts. The firebox is ended on the 24th row and then you should place a tube. It is the last step in the construction of the barbecue.

So, the diy brick bbq smoker is ready and you can invite your friends.

Build a Brick BBQ Smoker

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