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The campfire is an integral part of an outdoor recreation, but modern technologies permit to have an indoor fire pit. Now, many homeowners are happy to know that there are new designs available to use in premises. The indoor flame has a lot of benefits. First of all, you don’t depend on the weather. It provides mild warmth, plays an incredible decorative function, nice for eyes, and even permits to prepare fondue or roast marshmallow. It is a real centerpiece for family and friends gathering. What is more, indoor fire pit designs can boast not only their beauty but their simple installation, ash and dirt absence, and relative cheapness as compared with a real chimney or fireplace.

There are number of different designs on the market. For instance, an indoor fire pit coffee table performs both decorative and practical function. A small hearth is built into a center of the table. You can sit around; take pleasure in a hot coffee, a real flame and a pleasant conversation. Don’t worry! It is completely safe. Materials for this type of furniture and the pad itself are considered especially for to bear the heat. Lastly, these tables have eco-friendly options and use propane or a gel fuel, which are smokeless and odorless.

Fire Pit Coffee Table Indoor

The most ergonomic and the cheapest variant is an indoor tabletop fire pit. It is a wonderful decorative element, that creates a cozy, romantic atmosphere, gives no ash or smoke. The only defect is a lack of warmth. You can’t to use it as a heat source, as it gives only an aesthetic pleasure. Remember that a really safe and qualitative product is provided only by a proved manufacturer. Before purchasing, determine the functions you need and verify a warranty.

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