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Cool Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

Cool fire pitsin simple terms is a civilized fireplace. A primitive man has invented the first oven-grill. It was a fire in the midst of the stones, where people were preparing the meat of wild animals. During the development of humanity this primitive mantelpiece changed its shape. The end of the result is a whole complex, at a value commensurate with the cost of apartments.
Cool outdoor fire pits can be divided into:

  • Portable (Portable barbecues are made of sheet metal – the main condition for them is weight. Barbecue according to at least the weight should be such that it can be raised and submerged in a car. Portable barbecues like tourists);
  • Stationary.

Cool backyard fire pits can be:

Cool Fire Pit Pics
  • Stone;
  • Brick;
  • Without shelter;
  • Under cover.

There are a lot of cool outdoor fire pit ideas. You have to start with the project. Simple barbecue project can be done by yourself. If the requirements for the brazier are large and complex, it is better to buy a finished project. Laying of a brick barbecue is no different from an ordinary furnace masonry. To build by your own hands an oven grill – it is not a problem, if one adheres to building codes. In order not to complicate your life with the manufacture of formwork, the concrete can be laid directly in the ground. This is possible in heavy clay soils. After selecting the necessary equipment next barbecue, you can be taken for the design.
Placement of the barbecue on site – this seems to be a simple question, but it should be approached with the utmost seriousness. An incorrectly fitted a fire pit can serve as the subject of quarrels between neighbors. In order to avoid any debate, it is necessary to know what the wind rose on the site. In other words: it is necessary to know where the wind is blowing. Each territory has its own wind rose.

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