Handmade Brick BBQ Grill

Brick Built BBQ Grill

The main advantage of brick bbq grill is durability. It is usually built once for life. The shape and design depends on the tastes of the owners. They are mostly made of calculon, metal and stone. The source of heat can be coal, gas or electricity.

Building a brick bbq grill is possible and quite easy, but you will need a preliminary preparation. It will be good to place it not far from the table and seats. But not close, because you and your guests can be bothered by the smoke. The grill should not be placed close to the garden trees and flammable structures. The material should be resistant to high temperatures and their changes. The kiln one is the most suitable for this. It will serve you for a long time.

Homemade Brick BBQ Grills

There is no need to make bbq grill brick plans and schemes, but you can calculate the necessary amount or required materials. You will need such materials, as: cement, slaked lime, reinforcing bars or reinforcing mesh, wire to reinforce the brickwork, sand; metal corners; heat-resistant bricks.

It is also recommended to follow the next construction steps when building the brick bbq grill:
1. Prepare a construction pit of 80 х160 cm in size and the depth of 60 cm.
2. To fill the bottom of the construction pit with sand 60 cm in thickness.
3. To make a formwork based on the sizes of the construction pit.
4. To make the reinforcing.
5. To pour the formwork with the concrete mixture.
6. To make waterproofing layer.

After completing the sixth layer of the bricklaying make the overlap of two layers of bricks. Then continue with laying three rows in height. And the last three rows will be just a place for cooking kebabs. Here you will need to take care of a few small gaps that will provide combustion air inflow. To improve the traction bar, you can install the pipe. Coat the walls with plaster from the outside. You can also make additional compartments for storing firewood and build a special shed to protect the construction from rain and snow.

DIY Brick BBQ Grill Kit

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