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How Tabletop Fire Pit Can be Done?

Tabletop Fire Pit DIY

Having a tabletop fire pit provides extra coziness and warmth to your outdoor or even indoor dining area, as well as an interesting hint not everyone normally opts for while setting up their patio or remodeling their dining room. It may look like a full-blown pit, but just built into a large outside table. Or it may be a simple and easy to recreate fireproof gas powered bowl. The good thing is that you may totally create something like that on your own. Of course, you won’t be able to make a steel bowl and incorporate it into the table, as you probably don’t have a welding device at home. But, you can definitely recreate one of the DIY tabletop fire pit projects and make your personal handheld flames.

For this tabletop fire pit DIY you’ll need a fireproof base bowl of any polygonal shape and medium size, preferably metal one. Also, you’ll have to purchase several simple photo frames of suitable size to take out their glass parts, as well as metal mesh, glass glue, a can of gel fuel and heat and flame resistant decorative stones of your choice.

DIY Tabletop Fire Pit

The first thing you should do to make your outdoor or indoor tabletop fire pit (as this one may be used at both locations) is to take out the glass out of the frames and glue those parts to the metal base to create the walls of our flame holder. Make sure to let the glue dry for as long as manufacturer’s directions require. While that’s cooking up, prepare the mesh barrier. Cut it out of a sheet of cheap grill grate or something like that. This barrier should fit inside the metal base and rest on its edges to divide the pit’s fuel burning and decorative part. In short, it should lay on the edges and come up to the glass walls as closely as possible. Place your fuel can inside the base, insert the mesh screen, decorate everything with stones (place them on top of the mesh or glue them to the walls). Make sure to leave enough space for fire to burn. When everything is ready, you may set up your creation and light the fuel with the help of a long lighter or match.

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