Everybody Happy with Brick BBQ Pit

Build Your Own Brick BBQ Pit

Brick bbq pit is a stationary oven-grill, which makes the dishes more tasty and flavorous, helps to save the vitamins and can be a wonderful decoration of the backyard.

Building the diy brick bbq pit first of all it is necessary to choose a right place for it. It is better to plan the construction of a barbecue near the house, next to the terrace, an arbor or a bath. When choosing a construction variant of the barbecue is important to consider the size of the garden-plot. It is also necessary to construct a shed to protect the pit from rain or snow. Consider the size and shape of the chimney.

Build a Brick Smoker BBQ Pit

Of course, it is not easy to make a homemade brick bbq pit, but all the obstacles can be prevented if you do not hurry up and do everything step by step. First of all you should make the list of required materials. They are: concrete grout, wood boards, metal junk, bricks, wooden pegs and string, slag for the foundation, roofing felt, metal pipe, metal sink and faucet, rubber hose.

First you should dig a hole and pour concrete for a foundation. The matrix for the foundation is prepared in the following way: to make 10 kg of cement you should take 30 kg of sand, about 40 kg of crushed stone or gravel, and about 45 liters of water. You can use cement-mixer for this.

There are several types of bricks to build a barbecue: quartz, carbon, basic and kiln. The last one is considered to be the most appropriate for this, because it is resistant to high temperatures and their changes, because it contains in its composition a significant part of clay.

Brick BBQ Pit Ideas

Old brick pit bbq is multifunctional. You can cook here shish-kebab, bake fish or vegetables and even more complicated dishes. That’s why this construction has a great success and popularity among the owners of villas and cottages.

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