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Which of the Brick Fire Pit Ideas is Better for You?

Brick Fire Pit Designs

It so happens that after the construction are left bricks or curbs that prevent, they have to move from place to place, stumble on them, they are an eyesore – so what is your brick fire pit ideas? We propose a solution that can improve the state of affairs in your area. From brick debris or curbs can be elegant bowl for a bonfire, around which you can arrange a place for a picnic. Everything is simple and affordable. No solution, and hard work. Denotes a circle of arbitrary diameter, choose the soil to half of the bayonet spade.

Then lay out of a brick wall or a curb stone barbecue, and the bottom is poured gravel or sand. You can lay on the bottom, and a sheet of iron, as you like. The height of the hearth for a fire at your discretion. Form of the well is one of the most attractive. It should be – it’s the size, shape and location of the bonfire. Hammer a piece of rebar in the center of the pit, which will be located a fire. Need a piece of rope or wire equal to the radius of the hole, it will use a compass to obtain a clean circle. But you can experiment, for example, make a rectangular hearth. The advantage without mortar masonry, in this case, is that you can move the brick patio ideas with fire pit area at any place in a matter of hours, without destroying anything.

Brick Fire Pit Designs

Sitting in a circle of relatives and friends – is one of those events for which is conceived and the whole structure. The center will be a place of attraction for all, memories of pleasant moments of the evening.

We offer two versions of brick fire pit designs for a device hearth. One – with borders, and the other buried, without skirting. At the same time, if you choose to do with borders, the lawn can be planted right around the bowl. And if without skirting, it is recommended to either pave the ground stone or tile or fill with gravel, in order to prevent grass fires. When the device focuses and consider the prevailing winds in your area to place the seats do not have to leeward.

Backyard Brick Fire Pit Ideas

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