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Propane Fire Pit DIY

If you have a shady area without chances for fertility, it’s time to turn it into comfortable rest zone with DIY propane fire pit in its center. Before start the building process, ensure that area doesn’t hide any utility lines or pipes with strategical meaning for your home. As propane is easy flammable, take into account the trees branches or bushes which may burn during the cooking process.

So let’s start. The first stage is excavating the ground and preparing the area for pavers which will surround the DIY propane fire pit kit. You can do it like our ancestors with shovel and a wheelbarrow, or call the tractor if it’s possible. Then install the base material. It can be bricks or outdoor piles. This process may take some days of the work. Control the accuracy of mounting with leveling assistant pipes. Leave some space without base for the kit.

DIY Propane Fire Pit Ring

And now let’s make our fire pit using ceramic flower pot and copper fittings. The full process is described in one of DIY blogs. You need a huge number of materials besides them. The basis for the pit is a metal stand which holds the pot inside.

To make the burner you need 2 arcs and  the same number of T fittings. They connect the arcs with a central spoke. The latter has another T fitting which marks down to the hole in the pot bottom.

The most important step is leak test. The mistakes during the process may lead to blowing up and destroying the whole construction in Hollywood style. You need to inspect the fire pit each time before using. The main advantage of such project is a great opportunity to reduce costs. For example, you can fill the pot with sand from the nearest sandpit.

DIY Propane Fire Pit Ring

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