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Easy Ideas for Fire Pit Bowls

Fire Pit Bowl Insert

Fire pit bowls may be made of different materials and in different shapes to fit the backyard or patio designs of various homes and satisfy the needs and desires of different people. They may be even portable and indoor appropriate when the right type of fuel is chosen. The most common materials they’re made of are concrete and metal, but you may totally find ceramic fire pit bowls, which typically fit the indoor designs of halls or living rooms. Metals ones and not too heavy and massive concrete ones powered by gel canned fuel may be used both inside and outside, which is quite convenient.

However, those bowls may be used not only as individual pits, but also as fire pit bowl inserts or even replacements. It depends on the chosen design and also the fuel, used to power the flame. Usually, metal fire pit bowl insert replacements are used in concrete or stone wood burning pits. The base bowl may be either purchased, build or even handmade.

Fire Pit Bowls Stainless Replacements

The way to create it at home is quite simple once you collect all necessary items to carry out this project. Those things are obviously, concrete mix to make your solution, two moldsof different diameters, sandpaper, a bucket and a masonry trowel, weights, fuel canisters, a grill grate that would fit inside the finished  and decorative flame resistant stones.

First of all, you’ll have to use the not-stick cooking spray to treat the inside of a larger mold and the outside of a smaller mold. Then, prepare your mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to get enough solution. The next step is to pour the mixture into the outer, bigger mold and place the smaller, inner one into it. Make sure that it’s centered before you add the weights into it. Don’t add too much weight but just enough to leave a layer of solution at the bottom of the mold. It’s better when its thickness is the same as the distance between the inner and outer molds. Adjust the weights until you’re satisfied with the results and pour a little bit more solution if you need to. Let the concrete dry, sand the final product from the outer side to ensure smooth finish and you’re done.

Fire Pit Bowls Concrete

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