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Mini fire pit attracts, relaxes, captivates and creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort that dispose to rest and sincere conversations. Therefore, better to locate an interesting decorative element, like a garden hearth.
Mini outdoor fire pit can be compact and easy to use, since you may easily install it in any suitable area of your garden. The mobile garden fireplace can be made of ceramic, metal or cast iron. You also may select the hearth which will be completed with a lid or a grill for barbecue. In these fireplaces there is a sliding tray for easy removal ash and coal. Stylish design center will decorate the garden during the day even without fire.
Fixed focus will be a favorite vacation spot in your garden, if you organize it in a suitable place and in a certain style. Correctly pick up location for your mini gas fire pit; it is better if it will be a paved area. Calculate a safe distance from the flames to the seats and other items; it is about 70-90 cm.
Mini tabletop fire pit can be purchased at the store or do it yourself. The fire in the hearth is directed perpendicular, so the risk of burns is minimal, but what pleasure you get from such a dinner will be max. In addition, these tables are also suitable for barbecue skewers. Interesting, fascinating and romantic dinner will be at that table.
Garden center can be used as lighting for a romantic evening. For this purpose there are small pockets. Locate they can be in groups along the track around the pool or near the recreation area.
Interesting options for the hearth:

  • In the form of barrels, metal studded with metal chairs in the same style;
  • Center-gabion does not require much effort when creating, it looks natural and unusual;
  • Fireplace with a firewood storage.

Mini Gas Fire Pit

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