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Ideas for Majestic Concrete Fire Pit

Concrete Patio with Fire Pit

Concrete fire pit is one of the easiest solutions comparable with metal one, as it looks classy and really elegant, fits almost any garden or backyard design and it really looks great in combination with bright flame, creating a nice and impressive contrast of cold and indestructible stone and sizzling hot fire. Another reason why people opt for this type of pit is because you may install it wherever you want without carrying out any construction work. And, you may choose quite simple and sleek modern concrete fire pit or find slightly more complex design.

Moreover, you may actually make a concrete fire pit bowl yourself if you’re down to similar DIY projects. The only thing is that you’ll have to purchase several things you won’t be able to carry out this project without. Those things are obviously, concrete mix to make your solution, two concrete fire pit moldsof different diameters, sandpaper, a bucket and a masonry trowel, weights, fuel canisters, a grill grate that would fit inside the finished bowl and decorative flame resistant stones. Besides, you’ll need such things like rubber gloves, protective glasses and dust mask and plastic cloth to cover your working surface.

Concrete Patio with Fire Pit

First of all, you’ll have to use the not-stick cooking spray to treat the inside of a larger mold and the outside of a smaller bowl. Then, prepare your mixture according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Make sure to get enough solution. And, it’s better to prepare a little bit more solution than you expect you’ll need not to interrupt the process when you realize that you don’t have enough to fill up the mold. The next step is to pour the mixture into the outer, bigger bowl and place the smaller, inner one into it. Make sure that it’s centered before you add the weights into it. Don’t add too much weight but just enough to leave a layer of solution at the bottom of the bowl. It’s better when its thickness is the same as the distance between the inner and outer bowls. Adjust the weights until you’re satisfied with the results and pour a little bit more solution if you need to.

When the bowl is completely dry, place your canned fuel into the form you’ve just made, add the grate, lay some stones on its top. And you’re done!

Precast Concrete Fire Pit

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